Underage OVI in Ohio

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Ohio has strict laws on underage DUI. While the regular blood alcohol content (BAC) for drivers is .08%, underage drivers are limited to a BAC of .02%. That means if you are pulled over and show a BAC of .02% or greater, you could be arrested—even if you aren’t “impaired” or “intoxicated” by regular DUI standards.

Penalties for Underage OVI:

  • Maximum of 30 days in jail
  • Up to $250 in fines and fees
  • 4 points on a driver’s record
  • Potentially increased insurance premiums
  • License suspension of up to two years
  • Participation in an alcohol treatment program

More than just criminal penalties, an underage individual can face serious repercussions in the future. With a criminal offense on your record, it could be difficult to get a desirable job or even be admitted in college. That is why it is crucial that you work with a proven defense lawyer who can fight to protect your rights.

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First Time Offense

A first time offense can result in suspension of your license, large fines, jail time, increased insurance rates, public record of the conviction and much more.