When a household is subject to violence, measures must be taken to ensure the safety of any potential victims—especially any children. The state of Ohio takes domestic and child abuse very seriously and has several available remedies in place to make sure that any children or victimized adults are placed out of harm’s way.

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When abuse threatens a family, especially children, it is an absolute necessity to partition the victims from any violent individuals. The state of Ohio does this two ways when dealing with cases of child abuse and domestic violence: restraining orders and civil/criminal protection orders (CPOs).

The difference between these two remedies:

  • Restraining orders are issued by domestic relations court during divorce or separation procedures when there is a risk of domestic violence, child abuse, or stalking. These orders, however, usually terminate with the completion of the divorce or the separation. Police do not enforce these orders and it is up to the protected family members to report violations to the court.
  • Civil and criminal protection orders are enforced by law enforcement and may contain additional provisions that can restrict where the subject individual can reside and their access to children. When these orders are violated, the subject individual can be arrested and criminally charged.

Along with navigating the filing of these two remedies, our team is ready to assist at-risk parents and children with other matters that these circumstances often produce. This includes other child custody matters, fathers’ rights, and other issues that can help protect the child from an abusive parent or family member. If you’re located in Summit County, Cuyahoga County, Medina County, Lake County, Geauga County, or Portage County, call our firm today.

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