In Ohio, a judge may rule that spousal support needs to be paid to a dependent spouse. This is essentially the legal obligation of one party to provide financial support to the other in the event of a divorce or separation.

Some support is only giving temporarily during the divorce, while other orders require support to be given until further notice. Since there is no specific formula for determining spousal support, the court is often left to use its best discretion when deciding on an appropriate award. This is why it is so important that you retain seasoned counsel. Our divorce lawyers can provide the representation you need as you move through these legal matters.


Whether you are expecting to be receiving or providing, you are likely wondering how much money is on the line. Again, there is no specific formula used to determine support, so it will vary.

The court will review the following factors in their efforts to come up with a fair award:

  • How long the parties had been married
  • Whether or not child support is being paid
  • The ages of both parties involved
  • The income or earning potential of both parties
  • Any existing assets or debts
  • The physical and mental status of the dependent spouse

Other factors that may impact the amount / length of support includes taxes, the relationship status of the dependent party (have they started dating?), and any spousal support being paid or received from a prior marriage. Not only must the court determine the amount of support, but they must also decide on how long this support should last. In some cases, support may be more temporary, only lasting the length of the divorce or separation proceedings. On the other hand, more lengthy marriages can often result in one spouse receiving long-term support.

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