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If you are accused of driving under the influence, you can expect to face an uphill battle against prosecutors, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and plaintiffs. You are up against serious penalties, including the loss of your driving privileges, time behind bars, and thousands of dollars in fines. You need a skilled Akron OVI attorney to tenaciously defend your rights and to thoroughly safeguard your future. You need our legal team.

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Will I Loss My License or Driving Privileges?

Depending on the circumstances of your charge, you could be up against serious penalties. Certain factors, such as being underage or being a repeat offender can aggravate your charges. That is why it is crucial to know what penalties may be involved in your case. Most importantly, losing driving privileges can be detrimental.

These OVI / DUI offenses bring about the following license suspension:

  • First Offense: 6 months to 3 years of license suspension.
  • Second Offense: Between 1 and 5 years of license suspension
  • Third Offense: Between 2 to 10 years of license suspension
  • Fourth Offense: 3 years to permanent license suspension

As each person’s DUI case will vary, so too will the penalties differ according to the specifics of your arrest. The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner we can begin building a solid defense.

Your Defense Against OVI Charges in Ohio

By working with VanHo Law, you can wield the personalized defense needed to secure a favorable result. Armed with the insights of a former prosecutor, we know how to challenge the evidence against you. Many field sobriety tests are unscientific and easily argued against; not even blood or urine tests are infallible.

For example, if there was a procedural error or if equipment was wrongly calibrated, our Akron OVI defense lawyers can work to get this evidence thrown out of your case. If your rights were violated, such as if you were pulled over and arrested by an officer who didn’t have the probable cause to do so, our Summit County OVI attorney is ready to fiercely assert your rights and beat your charge.

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A first time offense can result in suspension of your license, large fines, jail time, increased insurance rates, public record of the conviction and much more.